What’s the Difference?

Interestingly enough, did you know there are multiple kinds of Foster Care? I didn’t! When I first started thinking about doing this, I got a referral from a friend at Church for a local agency that specializes in Therapeutic Foster Care. The name of the organization is The Villages. I merely thought…”oh how cool, the parents are in counseling while their kids are away & it will help them get ’em back faster. That’s awesome!” Not so much. As it turns out, The Villages focuses on arguably the toughest kind of Foster Care. I learned that there are essentially three levels of care.  – 1. Kinship Care, 2. Foster Care, & 3. Therapeutic Foster Care. –  The way I understand it is say hypothetically a child was removed from their biological parents. The case worker would first try to find a family member to place the child with (Kinship Care). If that isn’t a possibility, the child is then placed with a regular foster family. Should said child have severe behavioral issues/physical or mental developmental delays/or even serious medical conditions, they are placed with Therapeutic Foster Care families. As you would think, there is a lot more training required to be licensed for this type of care. Thus these families are able to provides kids with the appropriate level of care.

After asking the Villages social worker a gazillion questions, running each scenario by my family, and lots of prayer…I decided that starting out with the hardest kind of care is more than I want to tackle at this point.  I would hate to commit to T.F.C., get placed with a child & then it turn out to be too much for me to handle. In the best interests of the kids…I’m going to try testing the waters first before I jump off the high dive. Hopefully in the future, after I’ve had some experience doing this for a while, I can think about transitioning into Therapeutic Foster Care. For more information about regular foster care, you can contact your county Department of Child Services (DCS) directly.

If you think you might be interested in more information about The Villages, please click here –> The Villages


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