That’s a RAPT!

This past weekend I finished the last of the Resource and Adoptive Parent Training (RAPT) classes & wanted to quickly explain what each of them were. RAPT1 was an introduction into foster care. We discussed what to expect from this process, terminology that will frequently be used, and how we as foster parents can be most effective. RAPT2 was an online training about child abuse and neglect. Word to the wise, DON’T take this 4 hour class before going to bed. You’ll have crazy dreams & wake up in a funk. It covered the different types of abuse and neglect.  RAPT3 was a much more light-hearted class that taught us more about how to care for these children, what to expect from them behavior wise, etc. Overall, they were very interesting classes but I’m glad to have them done. Now just have to finish up the rest of the regular trainings (CPR certification, First Aid & Universal Precautions, Bloodborne Pathogens) & pass the home study and I’ll be finished! Wish me luck. 🙂


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